Club ranking

The ranking is based on the collected points in sanctioned leagues and cups with futsal rules in Sweden. The purpose of the rankings is that competitions can use this for a fair lot of their competition so that good teams will not face each other early. The ranking points are transferred to the marathon league.  If you believe this is miscalculated or if there is points missing – comment below by attaching link to the match results pages, and we will adjust accordingly.

Point count:

  • Swedish champions – 15 p
  • 2nd place – 12 p
  • 3rd place – 9 p
  • 4th place – 7 p
  • Win big cup* – 5 p
  • Win medium cup* – 2 p
  • Win small cup* – 1 p
  • Win regional league – 5 p

*) Big Cup = Cup with more than 23 participating teams.
Medium Cup = Cup with 16-23 participating teams.
Small Cup = Cup with 8-15 participating teams.

Rules for this ranking is changed annually in September based upon comments below.

Season 2014/2015 the new league started with a higher status. Previously 10 points was awarded to the Swedish champion but onward it is 15.

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