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Etta på bollen sedan 2003

Ilves inofficial champions of the Nordics

Fort the first time ever pure futsal has been played in Sweden. The historic first match was played between the Norwegian champions Vegakamraterne and Danish champions JB Gentofte this saturday. The score was 3-0 for Vegakamraterne but this is not of importance. The important thing with this match was that we could see how two Läs mer om Ilves inofficial champions of the Nordics[…]

Laitinen and Castro-Tello to Stockholm All Stars

Former Hammarby players Haris Laitinen and Sebastian Castro-Tello supports Stockholm All Stars. The Lineup for #sthlmfutsalcup are 1. Denis Madunic (GK) 2. Andreas Dahl 3. Mtaka Simba 4. Yanku Marrah 5. Johan Dahlberg 6. Dida Rashidi 7. Ivan Issa 8. Haris Laitinen 9. Sebastian Castro-Tello 10. Luciano Lorca (C) 11. Ashkan Soltani 12. Joachim Thunström 13. Läs mer om Laitinen and Castro-Tello to Stockholm All Stars[…]

100% pure futsal

In Sweden the prime criticism on the previous tournaments has been the varying quality on the referees. Often football referees has been drafted to fill up the quote together with good futsal referees. You notice this when slide tackles are allowed and they have no clue where the 10 meter spot is. Our cup has Läs mer om 100% pure futsal[…]