10 Tips For Creating Effective Training Exercises

In the coaching community we are sometimes susceptible to thinking better coaching is a lot about finding better exercises. There is, of course, far more to coaching than just organising and supervising exercises, and to delivering an effective and engaging session. However, they are important and I will offer some ideas from my experiences on how Läs mer om 10 Tips For Creating Effective Training Exercises[…]

The Misconception of Futsal

Futsal is a fiercely competitive sport, producing drama, emotion and moments of draw dropping brilliance. But being a sport, above everything else, sometimes receives less emphasis. Its labelled a football development tool, a small-sided variant/discipline/format of football or tagged as a game of flicks and tricks. Promoting futsal predominantly in these terms can understate how Läs mer om The Misconception of Futsal[…]