Vegakamratene new Nordic Champions

The fourth edition of the Nordic Futsal Championships ended today in Tampere, Finland, with a very well deserved win for the Norway champions Vegakamratene after three wins and one draw. The four other teams was Danish Champions Köbenhavn Futsal and runner ups JB Futsal plus Finnish reigning Nordic Champions FS Ilves and Finnish champions GFT.

The matches was broadcast over internet and was a hard core tactical experience. Tight games with very few goal-chances and a common play for all teams – 1-3 in offence and very high pressure in defense. With that said – it was not much entertainment for the average sports fans. This is a general problem in futsal – the games are boring to watch, especially on the internet with no commentator and no replays. The final was the same yawn until the second half that exploded with a late goal for Vegakamratene and a tight win with 4-3. When this game comes up on Youtube i recommend to see it.

The timing of the cup was perfect for the preparation of the soon upcoming UEFA qualifiers for all champions. Unfortunately Sweden was not represented this year as well. For Swedish futsal i think this is good as we have a long way up to these teams still. Strange to say as we are #1 in Nordics on the national team level, but the lack of tactic in Sweden cannot yet be tuned with our players superior technical skills. It would be interesting though from a non-Swedish perspective to see how our wild-west-club-futsal can stand up against tactic and discipline.

Fingers crossed for a 5th edition with Swedish participation next year. For the forthcoming success of this cup we need all four countries with us and all the football associations as well. Today the Swedish FA is way behind and #2 on the ball…

Read more about the cup here

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