Brazil rules the WC with futsal

Did you see the Oscar goal vs Croatia or the Fernandinho goal vs Cameroon? Both are from the schoolbook of futsal and examples on how the Brazil skills are developed from early ages. In Swedish football we complain about our poor technical qualities (Ibra excepted) and why our youth footballers ”disappear” in the late teens. Just to come back ten years later playing futsal at medium level.

What if we offered futsal to youth in Sweden like they do in Brazil? Would we be ”better” as a football player when we reached the senior level and would we keep players in the ”family” longer (playing futsal instead of other sports that are more accessible) when they don’t make it to the A-team. No one knows but no one have tried yet.

Read the quotes from Iniesta, Ronaldino and the others and see the BBC documentary below about how futsal has influenced Brazil football to make up your mind.


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