Futsal.se 10 years today!

Futsal.se has now been the prime driver of futsal development in Sweden for ten years and celebrate its anniversary today. We have developed futsal with being #1 on the ball always. It has been a bumpy ride, sometimes together with the Swedish Football Association and sometimes against. Ten years and two main progresses (national team and official championships) are to few though so we  hereby set up KPIs (targets) for what we believe in is possible to achieve the next ten years. To visualize a final state for the development and enthuse the futsal lovers on the path we hereby announce our new vision statement

Futsal shall be the biggest indoor team sport in Sweden 2024

Also we have done some refreshments on the site:10_year_badge

  • Pages translated to English because we need to collaborate more with other countries to learn from them and they need to see our challenges and possibilities. Also a lot of Swedish players have recently arrived to Sweden and we want to integrate them to our sport.
  • A new section for development of futsal so we can start the discussion on how to do it.
  • A new design with more possibilities.
  • Membership login to build up a community of people that want to be a part of the development next ten years.

Do you want to be a part of the development of futsal in Sweden or have clues on how to do it? Please contact us.

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