A promise for the future

During the last day of the cup the teams in Elite and the referees gathered for a conference about the future and how to follow up this initiative. We all agreed that this cup was a huge step forward for a Nordic futsal exchange and we should do it next year again.

Stockholm Futsal Cup

The founders of Nordic Futsal Championships.

We discussed the format of the cup, when it should be and where it should be. Ilves official Matti Anttonen, also coordinator for the Finnish top clubs, took the baton and will come back to the people at the meeting with a invite for further discussions. Responsible for each country are Fredrik Nilholt (SWE), Matti Anttonen (FIN), Alf Einar Grimsö (NOR) and Nikolaj Saabye (DEN), Iceland was not represented in the meeting but are interested in participation.

Next year we want this cup to be the official Nordic Futsal Championship and the work starts now in each country to make our football federations sanction this initiative and financially support it.